Learn Norwegian and Learn About Norway - Travel, Study and Work

In this course:

you will be more familiar with Norway and the Norwegian language (facts, history, language, dialects, where to find useful information, the Norwegian tax system, live and search for a job in Norway etc.) - and you will get good basics in communication at a beginners level.

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I will help you learn norwegian

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

Here's what you'll get

Video lessons, a repetition, text, links to useful websites and much more.


• Introduction to Norway and the Norwegian language (some facts, historical events, geography, travel etc.)

• Grammar

• The Alphabet

• Numbers

• Days, months and seasons

• The first meeting / Greetings

• How to communicate in your daily life / on your visit to Norway

• Words and phrases - practice

• The Norwegian Tax System
• Move to Norway / Live in Norway / Work in Norway

• + the new lessons below! :)

New Lessons:

• Residence Permits and Asylum

• There are four possible ways of obtaining a permit to live and work in Norway:

- employment

- family

- study

- asylum

• Apply for a residence permit - citizens from countries outside EU/EEA

• Move to Norway - citizens from countries outside EU/EEA

• Living and working in Norway (working conditions, social security, health care, the education system etc.)

• Employees of foreign companies in another EU/EEA country

• Skilled and seasonal workers, Exchange Programmes, Culture and Organisational Work & Norway Maps

A safe country

Nice people

Beautiful nature

Invest in yourself

Invest in experiences

Invest in happiness

Customer Stories

Peter G.

A good course. Recommended. Not only about the language but also interesting and useful info for me when I travel to Norway and hopefully move there one day.


The course is very intuitive, practical and easy to understand. Ideal for everyday life, bringing comfort and productivity during learning. I recommend!

curso é muito intuitivo, prático e de fácil compreensão.

Ideal para o atual cotidiano, trazendo conforto e produtividade durante o aprendizado.

Eu Recomendo!

S. Walter

Interesting facts and history about Norway.

Good basic teaching. Some lections I needed to pause, to repeat for myself, but that's the way I like to learn.


I got a wealth of vocabulary that will be used to create sheets for practice. Thank you!

Enough talk, let's go learning..

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